5 Ways to Avoid Traffic

Traffic jams are one thing that no one enjoys. You can be stuck in traffic jams even for hours. There have also been cases of people who lost their job or succumbed to death due to the traffic jams. Although some of these traffic jams may be caused by the infrastructure in a city. However, you can still avoid traffic. Below are 5 Ways to Avoid Traffic:



Proper timing.


To avoid traffic, timing is the first remedy. Once you schedule your daily routine and make sure you wake up early to arrive at work an hour or two earlier, you might just avoid traffic. In the evening, it is advisable to leave work after the rush hour. At least there might be little or no traffic.


Use traffic Apps.


There are android and Ios traffic apps that have been reviewed to be the best. These apps analyze traffic in a particular area you are interested in and calculate for you the quickest route for you. In fact, these apps tell you the best means to use to access a particular area. Options may be on foot, public means, by train or by road.


Tune in to your Radio.


Mainly in large cities, we have radio stations that give hourly traffic updates and alternative routes. Especially during rush hours, they will keep you updated on the fastest route to your destination. They also alert you on accidents on your route that might slow the traffic.


Use public transport.


Using public transport is another effective way to avoid traffic. Public means such as trains encounter no traffic. They are at times even faster than your private means. This is because they are not many and they have their special routes such as the railway. In fact, this option is even cheaper for you.


Use flexible means of transport.


Flexible means of transport include air transport, motorbikes, and bicycles. Some of these options are expensive and fast while others are cheap and slow. They help you maneuver traffic and but it depends on the urgency of the errand you are heading to run or the distance from your location to the destination.

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